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  • People don’t know they have kidney problems until their kidney disease is stage 3 or 4 with kidney damage so severe they end up on dialysis for life!
  • 1 in every 5 people during their first year on dialysis in the U.S. will DIE!
  • Individuals with CKD are 16 to 40 times more likely to die with kidney failure from complications such as a heart attack or stroke.
  • Kidney disease affects 4 in every 10 people over age 65.
  • Can you prevent worsening kidney problems and avoid dialysis with the condition your kidneys are in now?

Dear Kidney Disease Sufferer,


These results are not typical – Individual will vary

Hi my name is Robert Galarowicz.

  • I suffered with stage 5 kidney disease and my kidneys failed me!
  • I was lucky enough and young enough to get a kidney transplant.But now I have to deal with transplant anti-rejection drugs and having a higher risk of not only that my kidney may be rejected by my body — but                      HIGHER RISK OF DIABETES AND EVEN… CANCER!So I KNOW from horrible past experiences with my own kidney failure what you could suffer — if you don’t do something to reverse your problems with kidney disease right now!
    Here’s what happened to me…

I Was Only 22
When My Doctor Told Me...
Your Kidneys Are Killing You!

I suffered with a constant FOG in my brain … along with moodiness, fatigue, swelling, headaches, depression and loss of appetite.My health got worse as time when on . . . so I went to get checked out. I still remember the look on the nurse’s face when she took my blood pressure . . .

Total shock and confusion as my blood pressure reading came back at staggeringly high 190/110!

I was just 22 and my doctor was afraid I was going to drop dead of a heart attack. The doctor ordered some tests and the results showed there was something “Wrong” with my kidneys. Not diabetes, not some other specific disease, just something “wrong.”

I’ll never forget the moment the doctor looked me in the eye after doing my biopsy and told me…

“Robert, You Have Only 10 Years To Live. . .”

Everything came crashing down around me. All my plans to start a career, meet the woman of my dreams and marry and have kids — vanished before my eyes!

Over the next two months my doctors pumped me full of Prednisone and Cyclosporine – drugs that were supposed to help stop my kidney failure. . . But all they did was give me awful acne and make it impossible to sleep . . . I was soon overwhelmed with mood swings, terrible depression and psychosis that put me in the hospital.

That’s when they told me my kidneys were close to failing!

Kidney Close to Falling

I needed to get ready for dialysis, so they  put the fistula in my arm. (the photo to the right ==>

The fistula is a surgical connection between a vein and an artery that makes a big enough vein for the huge dialysis needles.

I remember waking up from surgery, seeing the 9 inch scar on my arm and just breaking down crying. The worst part was the doctors still had no idea what I had or why my kidneys were failing. They just called it “unknown glomerulonephritis” . . .

Eventually I started showing more loss of kidney function . . .My kidney health continued to worsen and this went on for 2 years until . . .

I Had TOTAL Kidney Failure . . .

It was Horrible… I vomited every day for 3 months straight, with paralyzing fatigue, suicidal depression, and bad swelling in my legs.


I had no social life, because not many girls want to date or be around a sick guy… “who will end up on dialysis.”

Things got worse, when I ended up in the hospital almost in a renal failure induced coma. And that’s the first time they hooked me up to the machine . . .

3 days a week, three to four hours a day they punctured my arm with two oversized two-inch long needles and “cleaned my blood.”  I remember:

  • Excruciating pain from the needles and the cramping . . .
  • Feeling wiped out all the time from the dialysis.
  • Not to mention the blood clots, pulling too much water out of your body or the 100 little things that can go wrong every time you go in.
  • But the worst part was the loneliness…when the dialysis nurse first put the needle in my arm it was the first time in two years that a woman had touched me.

    For two and a half years my life revolved around dialysis. I woke up every day feeling awful and hoping with everything I would get a kidney transplant.

    Then I got lucky . . . I got a call from Miami saying they had a ‘cadaver’ kidney for me . . .

    I hopped a plane feeling so excited. Feeling like I could finally say goodbye to that machine and get my life back. But the new kidney failed right away. I spend 14 days in the hospital when it was supposed to be only 4 days. The surgery was horrible!

    I started to think I had made a BIG mistake. That I would have been better off staying on dialysis.

    Even when my new kidney stabilized I still had to deal with the rotten side effects of the anti-rejection drugs I was on: acid reflux, frequent colds, joint pain, depression and feelings of anxiety.

    Why Am I Telling YOU All This?

    Even now, 9 years after my transplant I’m scared of becoming a statistic and dying from complications due to kidney failure.

    The truth is: the average kidney from a cadaver lasts just 7 years and one from a live donor lasts maybe 15. I know now that I didn’t HAVE to suffer the way I did!

    If you get a new donor kidney…



    I want to save you the terrible pain, the heartache, depression and the intense suffering I endured. I want to show you how to Improve your kidney health and avoid the horrors of dialysis treatments!

    You CAN have Healthy Kidneys’… IF YOU KNOW THE RIGHT THINGS TO DO!



The “No Dialysis Needed” All Natural Kidney Health And Kidney Function Restoration Program . . . the most effective and fastest way to heal kidney disease ..



My “No Dialysis Needed” program is a step-by-step treatment program which helps improve your kidneys naturally, without the use of unnatural man-made pharmaceutical drugs.

Even better, when you follow the program you’ll be able to delay dialysis by years or even decades . . . or possibly even avoid dialysis all together!

Heal Your Kidneys

Without Dialysis . . .

Without Drugs . . .

Without Side Effects!


The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program™ is a compilation of the best and most effective natural kidney disease treatments for healing kidney disease from around the world. It is meant as a complement to your allopathic, conventional or standard medical care, not a replacement.

When you have this easy to understand kidney health program in your hands you can make better informed decisions about what’s ‘the right thing to do’ to support your kidney function and return your body’s kidneys to natural wellness!

Learn How To Improve Your Kidney Function With The “No Dialysis Needed” All Natural Kidney Function Restoration Program!

Find out the ‘little known secrets’ about how to heal your kidneys like …

  • The “must have” insurance covered tests that most medical doctors don’t know about or don’t use … results of these tests can have you on your way to more energy, better mood and better kidney health. . .
  • Find out the name of the delicious natural sweetener used for 20 years in Japan and Brazilto treat kidney disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. . .
  • Discover which cooking methods and 3 herbal teas prevent kidney cell damage and kidney disease complications. . .
  • Did you know blueberries have powerful healing antioxidants that reverses kidney cell damage?
  • The 4 healing oils to use in your cooking, and one of these powerful oils stops kidney damage from toxins. . .
  • The kidney restoring diet is super simple to follow.No measuring food, keeping track of nutrients, or any other annoying meal planning tasks. . .
  • Supplements are essential to improve your kidney health but not all supplements are created equally… The one must AVOID ingredient in MANY supplements and even in some prescription vitamins and minerals that is detrimental to your kidney health. . .
  • The “Core Supplement Program” … covers the exact supplements, what they are, how they improve your kidneysdosages to use, and 100% Safe FDA approved with third party tested companies and exact products. . .
  • The common grocery store item which instantly strengthens your kidneys against any disease. . .
  • The “weird” herb which is a prescription in China that stops kidney disease right away, available over the counter in the U.S.. . .you will want to use this herbal kidney disease treatment!
  • The family of good bacteria which starts to do the WORK of the kidneys when it’s not functioning properly, this allows your kidneys to rest and recover . . .
  • The fiber that sweeps away kidney damaging toxins popular in Middle Eastern medicine for treating any kidney disease or chronic kidney disease. . .
  • Human studies show a special Indian herbal remedy from a flowering plant reduce kidney disease caused by diabetes. . .
  • The prescription kidney cell protecting supplement available over the counter which a doctor will never prescribe and find out what your doctor doesn’t know. . .
  • The naturally occurring human hormone that heals kidney disease “antioxidant defense system and fixes sleep problems“… which is part of the reason why you have kidney disease. . .
  • Uncover how to gain control of diabetes and blood pressure which will bring your kidney disease to a grinding halt. . .
  • The common medications and drugs which you want to steer clear of at all cost. I guarantee you will be mad no one told you these before. . .

“Even Medical Doctor’s Approve It!”

“My Patient Is Doing Better Than I Could Have Imagined…”

I’ve been impressed by how well researched and complete this program is.

Dr John Ree

This 100% all natural kidney disease treatment restoration program takes into account the factors of kidney disease and gives you many options and information to help your kidneys return to their natural good health. This program definitely gets my thumbs up.

It presents well-researched, scientifically balanced information with diet and dozens of natural, drug-free ideas and remedies you can start using to improve the health of your kidneys today.”

Dr. John Ree – Medical Doctor (U.S.A)

These results are not typical – Individual will vary

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I don’t just want you to slow or stop your kidney disease … I want you to improve your kidney function – quickly and with a minimum of fuss!

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You get a 14-day easy-to-follow menu plan with recipes and snacks. No fussing over putting together your own breakfast, lunch and dinner. . . no worries about what you’re going to eat next and simple, just quick meal plans to prepare with no trips to special grocery stores.

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Special Bonus # 2 is…

“The Definitive Guide To Potassium Content Of Foods”
Over 1,000 Foods Listed


When your kidneys are not healthy your potassium may increase to dangerous levels leading to further decline in kidney function and possibly a heart attack. This guide will give you the knowledge to select the right foods to make the perfect low potassium food choices to help your kidneys heal.

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Special Bonus # 3 is…

“The Definitive Guide To Protein Content  Of Foods”
Over 1,000 Foods Listed


Regulating your protein intake is crucial to improving your kidneys. This guide gives you the information to know how much protein is contained in foods educating you to make the right choices for a lifetime of better kidney health. This guide also controls your phosphorus levels allowing for the best kidney health you can imagine.

Value: $19.95 – Yours FREE!


Special Bonus # 4 is…

“The Kidney Diet Grocery Shopping List”

The-Kidney-Diet-Grocery-Shopping List


Sample Grocery Shopping List … as simple as printing it out and bringing it with you to the store.

Value: $9.95 – Yours FREE!


Special Bonus # 5 is…

“The Kidney Diet Tracking Sheets”


You get diet tracking sheets you can easily print and use.

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And when you order today…

Special Bonus # 6 is…

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60 Days Of Unlimited Email Support

Provided After Your Purchase!


You get FREE professional private email counseling, advice and guidance from a certified nutritionist, naturopath, kidney disease sufferer. If in any time you feel confused, you can have your questions privately answered.
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“This Sounds Amazing, Robert, But How Much Does It All Cost?”


“How much is it worth to you to have a PROVEN method at your disposal to help you truly HEAL your kidney disease?

If you’ve suffered from Diabetes or Kidney Disease for any length of time, you already know how expensive it is and how much you are suffering right now.

Even with insurance (and insurance is covering less and less these days) you can end up paying THOUSANDS of dollars per year for blood tests, kidney disease treatments and drugs that have nasty side effects and do as much harm as good.

Not to mention the cost of dialysis itself which can run up to $150,000 a year. . .

The price of the complete “No Dialysis Needed” program is extremely affordable. . .even for people on a fixed income. I made it so affordable most anyone can get it to help them improve their kidney function right in the comfort of their own home!

Think of the money you will save on the cost of medications once your kidneys have healed and are functioning more normally.



“But To Do All You Can To Protect Your Kidney Health … You Have To Act Now…”


Yes, Robert! I Want To Take Advantage of All Natural Methods That Are Used All Over The World To Improve My Kidney Function Using A Step-By-Step Scientifically Proven Method With NO Harmful Side Effects and $296 in FREE BONUSES!

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Your order is backed by my 60-Day, No-Questions-Asked, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within sixty days for a full refund.

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Here’s to restoring your kidney health!
Robert-Galarowicz N D
Robert Galarowicz N.D.

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