What is the Story Behind Kidney Failure?Kidney Failure Occurs When

High Blood Pressure is One of The Main Causes of Kidney Failure. Blood Pressure can be Described as a Measure of The Pressure that a Person’s Heart Generate

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Kidney failure occurs when a person’s kidneys stop working to the extent that they cannot live without kidney transplant or dialysis. There are numerous causes of kidney failure and some of them are highlighted below:

High Blood Pressure

  • High blood pressure is one of the main causes of kidney failure. Blood pressure can be described as a measure of the pressure that a person’s heart generates in the arteries with each and every pulse. When there is too much pressure, your body’s organs may be damaged which normally leads to stroke, heart diseases and it also worsens kidney functions.
  • The cause of about 90% cases of HBP (high blood pressure) is still unknown but there appears to be a link between a person’s lifestyle, diet and general health with the condition that is one of the causes of kidney failure. Some of the risk factors of high blood pressure are age, obesity, family history, smoking, being of South Asian or African-Caribbean origin, lack of exercise, high amounts of salt in your diet, excessive alcohol consumption, stress and high fat diet.
  • Hypertension is considered one of the causes of kidney failure as it normally puts a lot of strain on the small blood vessels that are found in the kidney. This usually prevents the filtering process from working in the right way.


  • This is also considered one of the causes of kidney failure. It is a condition where the body is not able to produce enough insulin or it does not make effective use of the insulin. When diabetes is not controlled properly, it becomes one of the main causes of kidney failure as it leads to a situation where too much glucose builds up in a person’s blood. The glucose damages the tiny filters that are found in the kidneys. This in turn affects ability of the kidneys to filter out fluids and waste products.
  • One of the reasons why diabetes is among the causes of kidney failure is because of the fact that it is estimated that about 20-40% of individuals with type 1 diabetes are at risk of developing kidney disease before they attain the age of 50. About 30% of individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes also show some signs of developing damaged kidneys. One of the signs of diabetes being among the causes of kidney failure is the appearance of low levels of protein in your urine.
  • There are numerous other causes of kidney failure that normally make patients dependent on dialysis which can make them miserable for the rest of their lives.



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