When You Do Not Except The Inevitable Kidney Failure Diagnosis

There are life-changing decisions to make and one of them include a Kidney disease diet. Fluid and fluid control is optimum as kidneys aid in the fluid...

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Naming top debilitating ailments anyone can suffer is kidney disease. Damaged kidneys result in a downward spiral of life styles as restoring kidney function will prove very difficult. There are life-changing decisions to make and one of them include a Kidney disease diet. Fluid and fluid control is optimum as kidneys aid in the fluid amount that leaves a body.

Fluids include anything, which melts into a liquid or is a liquid from the start. Included are soups, ice cream, sorbet, milk, creamers, and not only water, coffee, tea, etc., as many would think. Drinking is limited to serious thirst only, salt intake reduced, sucking on lemon wedges increased.


Phosphorus, which bodies need to build and maintain teeth and bones as well as normal muscle and nerve function, needs reduction.

Declined kidney function cause a body to find it difficult to keep a balanced calcium and phosphorus levels. This results in lowered calcium levels and increased phosphorus levels as a body cannot get rid of the phosphorus through ailing kidneys.

High phosphorus foods which should be avoided includes ice cream, bee, caramels, nuts, peanut butter, sardines, cheese, beef liver and chicken liver, and more.

The other important change in diet is cutting down in Potassium, which maintain muscles and nerves, especially heart muscles to function properly. Kidneys are responsible for correct potassium levels and failing kidneys stop doing this. High potassium levels are extremely dangerous and even deadly resulting in irregular heartbeat or even stopping. The vast amount of high potassium food to exclude or cut down significantly include broccoli, bananas, oranges, potatoes, greens, mushrooms, bran, prunes, tomatoes, apricots, beet, mustard and more.

There are a myriad of other precautionary measures relating to food, diet, medications to mention; however, there is no guarantee that kidney failure will not progress. You could end up on dialysis; lose your kidneys altogether and need a transplant. Nobody need to experience kidney disease as a life sentence, which could shorten their life altogether.

A man, who lived through kidney failure, went through all the stages and ended up with a transplant, which his body rejected nonetheless, is Greg Galarowicz.

Thorough research and personal experience resulted in a program he developed, which a top Nephrologist, Chiropractic and Medical Doctors approved and recommend.

The All Natural Kidney Health and Kidney Function Restoration Program he developed is the alternative method to not only stop kidney failure, but also restore normal functions. The eBook s truly a systematic program, eliminating the use of manufactured pharmaceutical drugs. You will either delay dialysis for years or most probably avoid it.

The natural improved kidney health program has no side effects; individual will not manage their kidney disease to prolong life and improve quality of life, but actually reverse kidney failure.

The Kidney Health & Restoration Guide comes with five additional bonus eBooks.

  • Bonus #1 is the Kidney disease diet plan,
  • Bonus#2 is Potassium content of over 1000 listed foods,
  • Bonus#3 is the Protein content of over 1000 listed foods,
  • Bonus#4 is the Grocery shopping list, and
  • Bonus#5 is the Diet tracking sheet.



  • All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program in addition offers unlimited 60 days email support is extremely affordable even for those on a limited budget.
  • The costs involved in traditional kidney treatments, blood tests and drugs, which do not improve your kidneys, run over $100,000 per year.
  • You will see improved kidney function and even reverse your ailing kidneys. It is a truly worthy program for anyone in need of advice to improve his or her health or that of a loved one.
  • Reading the first part of this article about the difficulties surrounding a Kidney disease diet, should be consideration enough that you need this program for improved lifestyle.

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